This might be my favorite spot in my classroom. It is a small reading corner with fun picture books and an tent to relax in. The fairy lights are strung above with colorful posters hung below. I love the cozy feeling the corner has and how it encourages my students to enjoy reading.

This is my second year teaching. My first year I taught a class of two-year-olds and now I have a class of three-year-olds. Things are definitely interesting when I am in class. Being a younger teacher, I like to have fun in my class. Though I was much younger than some of the other teachers at the school, I never encountered any issues due to my age.

The stories that are told in class could be comparable to Shakespeare.

Okay, maybe not but they are super interesting. I will have to add a blog post documenting and updating their imaginative tales.

With having younger students, I understand that academic topics are not a main priority but we enjoy talking about letters, shapes, numbers, colors, and social topics. By social topics I mean topics they could understand at this age. For example: our emotions, being kind, and Bible stories (I teach at a Christian preschool). We talk about school being a safe place to have fun and learn.

I love going to work to see my little friends. Don’t get me wrong, some days are hard. Sometimes I am exhausted, the kids are acting out, and I feel worn.

But the good days make this job so rewarding.

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